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Monday, July 18, 2011

Google Contact Sync

I've been using a company BB device that I will be handing in soon, since I'm leaving that company. I want to leave the company, but not my contacts that won't fit on the very limited SIM card. I tried backing up using BB software. Aside from being cumbersome and wired, it will not help me if I get an Android or Symbian device. Google Sync will. And it so far it's beautiful. A small, simple to use, app from Google. Download, install, run, and let it sync! A couple of minutes and all your contacts are on Gmail, and ready to by synced to your Android, BB, Symbian or WM device. And like everything Googly, it's free :). Just download the version of Google Sync specific to your handset.

After you sync and log on to Gmail, you will get a notification telling you that Google provides you 25 levels of back up just in case you lose your contacts. Now that's what I call cloud service :)

Google Sync...I love it!!